Leveraging our dedicated warehouse management experience, LeanCor Consulting transforms any warehouse and advances it to the next level of operational performance through design, implementation, operation, and improvement.

Our clients provide the building, the people, the equipment and the technology — we take care of the rest.

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We work with you to determine the current state of the operation relative to advanced warehouse principles and the areas of Key Business Results (left).



We collaboratively establish your vision, financial and operational improvement targets for this work. (“What is the ROI on this initiative?”)



We confirm the timeline, roles and responsibility, and risk mitigation for successful implementation.

We then execute operations with full LeanCor support, embedding a continuous improvement system within the culture of the warehouse and the organization.




Depending on the scope of the project, your team can receive:

  • Facility Design and Layout: Green field and brown field, full design, layout and facility flow engineering.
  • People Requirements and Training: People resource needs, skills requirements and training and education.
  • Process Design and Implementation: Best practice process design for all warehouse processes; safety, receiving, put away, storage, picking, staging, shipping, inventory management, leadership engagement, customer collaboration, problem-solving.
  • Technology Planning: Collaboratively determine and leverage the right technology for the right application.
  • Material Handling and Equipment: Determine the right quantities and the right equipment for the correct application inside the warehouse
  • Inventory Management: Ensure inventory accuracy and disciplined process for inventory management, velocity, cycle counting, shrinkage, obsolescence.
  • Continuous Improvement Management System: Establish the right targets, dashboards, right visibility, procedures and structure to ensure targets are in place, gaps are identified and goals are being reached.



  • Safety: We maintain a safe warehouse through prevention activities and team member engagement.
  • Stability: We focus on labor utilization, turnover reduction, training, asset utilization and asset scalability.
  • Standardization: We focus on standardizing processes, products, and services.
  • Visibility: We increase the visibility of inbound and outbound shipments through lean visual management so you “know score” in real time. Your team can see as a group, know as a group and act as a group.
  • Quality at Source: We isolate key failure modes, error proof processes, eliminate defects and develop quality dashboards.
  • Flow: We level and optimize material and information flow.