Transportation Management + Solutions

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) and LeanCor Supply Chain Group simultaneously act as buyer and supplier to each other—to the benefit of both. Read the article here.

We plan, manage, and continuously improve our
customers’ lean transportation networks to advance end-to-end supply chain performance and reduce cost.

LeanCor Logistics, a full-service provider, engineers and operates lean transportation networks as a seamless extension of our clients’ operations through our Logistics Control Center and on-site managers.

Mid to large-size manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers outsource their logistics to LeanCor for end-to-end network visibility, process discipline, lower transportation costs and controlled material flow in order to operate profitably. They know there’s a better way to move material and information and they trust LeanCor to help them do it. By partnering with a provider you trust, you can focus on your core competency while your supply chain is advanced to a higher level of operational and financial performance.

Core Offerings:

Business Management System: We ensure a true partnership that will lead you through vision creation, execution, and reflection to drive results. (Implementation Road Map, Logistics Control Center)

Network Planning and Optimization: We engineer an optimized network to reduce cost and improve performance. (Plan For Every Part, Network Design, Supplier Instructions)

Daily Network Operations: We execute your optimized network to continue to reduce variation and cost. (Dynamic Routing, Supplier Management)

Carrier Management: We ensure you have the right carrier, on the right lane, at the right time, and the right cost. (Carrier Performance, Track-and-Trace)

Actionable Business Intelligence: We measure system-wide metrics to understand and act upon the financial and operational performance of your supply chain. (Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Ad-hoc Reporting, Data Management)

Our Lean Principles:

Visibility | Standardization | Leveled Flow | Velocity | Quality at the Source | End-to-End Supply Chain Perspective

These proven principles drive collaboration, stability, control, performance, and continuous improvement in your supply chain.

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'Gross margins and on-hand inventory for all stores have improved. We have experienced a significant reduction in obsolete inventory within the entire supply chain network." – President, Furniture Retailer

When you partner with LeanCor, you receive measurable improvements in:

Total Logistics Cost


Supplier Fill Rate


Inventory Levels, Costs


On Time Delivery


Material Availability


Customer Service


"I have worked with LeanCor on multiple customer accounts.  They do an amazing job conforming to the needs of their customer, whether that be in engineering static routes for long-term stability and savings, or in securing carriers for a volatile backhaul market.  It is not just about bidding for lowest price, with them, it is about making the freight desirable so carriers want to offer lower rates." - Carrier Representative

Solutions at a Glance
Inbound Logistics

  • Supplier Order Management
  • Supplier Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Static Route Design
  • Daily Dynamic Route Design
  • Web-Based TMS Visibility
  • Track and Trace
  • Cross-Docking Design and Management
  • Receiving Schedule
  • Trailer Yard Management
Transportation Management – Domestic and International

  • Mode Optimization
  • Carrier Procurement (RFQ)
  • Carrier Selection and Load Tendering
  • Routing and Shipment Execution
  • Carrier Performance Management
  • Freight Bill Audit and Pay
  • Freight Claim Management
  • Incoterm Analysis
  • Track and Trace
  • KPI Metrics and Analytics
  • Continuous Improvement

    Outbound Logistics

  • Shipping Schedule and Trailer Yard Management
  • Guard Shack Portal
  • Outbound Logistics Network Design
  • Customer Pricing Program Development
  • Track and Trace