Warehousing and Distribution

Transform your warehouse from a fire-fighting frenzy into a strategic and value-driving component of your supply chain.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Returns Process

Quick and efficient reverse logistics is a must for companies striving to be leaders in customer experience and satisfaction. Learn how to improve your processes by downloading LeanCor and Newcastle Systems’ new “Reverse Logistics: 5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Returns Process.”

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10 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Receiving Process

With some easy-to-implement solutions, your facility can start to realize major gains in worker productivity, error reduction, receiving volume, and more.
Learn how by downloading LeanCor and Newcastle Systems’ new “Lean Receiving Checklist: 10 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Receiving Process.”

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The Warehouse Maturity Assessment: Your Strategy for Success

Inbound and outbound warehouses are the bridges that drive flow throughout the entire supply chain.
We invite you to evaluate your warehouse maturity level by rating its current condition on 40 statements grouped into nine categories. Upon completion, you will receive a total score.

“In a Jan 2019 to Jan 2020 comparison, we were able to ship out 500K lbs of more product with 3 fewer warehouse resources, for a lines/hour productivity improvement of over 56%!”

 –LeanCor warehouse design and deployment client, automotive products industry

Case Studies


Distribution Center Design

See how LeanCor and Valentine Solutions designed an automotive products manufacturer’s new distribution center using based-in-class operating principles to efficiently accommodate future growth.

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Warehouse Consolidation and Design with PFEP Implementation

In this project, LeanCor Consulting consolidated seven warehouses into one and implemented a Plan For Every Part (PFEP) system that optimized material flow — ultimately reducing both expedites and production downtime.

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Blog Posts

Blog Post
Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Picking Efficiency
Order picking is the process of pulling inventory in the warehouse to fill a customer order. “If a shipper can speed up its order picking operations it can increase volume and reduce distribution costs as a percent of sales” (Supply Chain Digest). 

Blog Post
Warehouse Design Checklist: What to Consider
Designing a warehouse is a complicated process with building, financial, and storage factors. Here are four lists of criteria to consider when undergoing a warehouse design.

Blog Post
Developing The Lean Warehouse: Start With The Waste
The purpose of a lean warehouse is to minimize waste and enhance value in the product storage process. How can leaders inside the warehouse perform daily standard work and improve the business through the elimination of waste daily?


Lean Warehousing Tool: Stand-Up Board
Operations Manager Brad Frye explains the stand-up board at the LeanCor Lean Logistics Center.

Lean Warehousing Tool: Poke-Yoke
Operations Manager Brad Frye explains how to use the lean tool “poka yoke” in a warehouse.

Lean Warehousing Tool: 5S Board
Operations Manager Brad Frye explains how to use a 5S board in a warehouse setting.