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Navigating today’s industry disruption and business complexity is no easy task. Start seeing your supply chain as a feedback mechanism – an abundance of critical information needed to improve profitability and increase customer value.



Golf Ball Maker Hits Supply Chain Sweet Spot

Acushnet, maker of Titleist and Pinnacle golf balls, sought an ultra-lean product flow to bring its game to the next level. In the highly competitive world of manufacturing and marketing golf balls, bags, and shoes, the company partnered with LeanCor Consulting for an aggressive play to drive down costs and boost supply chain efficiency.

Written by Paul Vachon, Inbound Logistics
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“The path to discovering and extracting hidden profit rests within viewing the organization from a new perspective; one where we go from being focused on single-process optimization to viewing the business as a total system formed when we connect people and processes.”

 From the white paper: Discovering Hidden Profit: Creating the Connected Enterprise

Articles and White Papers

White Paper
Demand Driven: Preparing for Now and the Future in Supply Chain
Director of LeanCor Consulting, Brent Rogers dives in to help show how building a supply chain that understands and shapes customer demand can achieve business goals.

White Paper
Someone Keeps Changing the Channel: Exploring Omni-Channel Distribution Strategies
In this omni-channel world, how can companies competitively distribute their products to consumers? This white paper outlines the options.

Mastering Cash Flow: The Need for CEOs to Focus on Logistics
Here’s how to root out costs that are hidden to senior management, and find value through a disciplined look at logistics and supply chain management practices.

Discovering Hidden Profit: The Podcast

Newest Episode
Episode 7: What’s Wrong with the Typical Product Planning Process?

Not all product life-cycle functions drive planning for inbound logistics, manufacturing, or outbound distribution. Or if they do, they do so without collaborating across the organization, or they do so without content knowledge of the supply-chain operations they are planning. This is one of our main challenges and therefore is a significant SCA opportunity.

In this episode, Robert will explain how to expand the role and function of the Product Life-Cycle Planning processes, and how to connect this role with the other three core business processes to create an extended value-stream perspective that creates maximum customer value at the lowest cost.


Demand-Driven Supply Chains for Consumer Products
Exclusively for consumer products companies, this webinar covers tips on building a supply chain that understands and shapes customer demand to achieve business goals.

Plan For Every Part (PFEP) For Lean Material Flow
Join APICS and LeanCor Consulting as we discuss the critical components of PFEP that will ensure delivery of the Right part, at the Right time, in the Right quantity.

How to Master S&OP to Simplify Your Supply Chain
Learn how to take a more proactive and collaborative approach to managing your supply chain complexity with S&OP.


What is Lean Culture?
One question we’re frequently asked is, “what is a lean culture?” LeanCor CEO Robert Martichenko weighs in.

CEO Robert Martichenko Discusses an Integrated Supply Chain Strategy with LeanCor
LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted supply chain partner that specializes in lean principles to deliver operational improvement.

How to Model and Reduce Total Cost in Your Supply Chain
Connecting all supply chain activities to produce flow and reduce lead times, improve working capital, and eliminate supply chain waste.

Robert Martichenko brings a valuable perspective as a leading expert on supply chain management in this interview with Ed Tyll.

“I just felt like we took a graduate course in supply chain management. You’re an awesome teacher!” – Ed Tyll

LeanCor offers training and education, hands-on consulting, and outsourced logistics services that help eliminate waste, drive down costs, and instill a problem solving culture across their supply chain — How can new small businesses adapt these methods and services?

Blog Posts

Blog Post
5 Supply Chain Projects That Could Drive Millions to Your Bottom Line
Five supply chain projects that have driven major results for organizations looking to take their supply chain to the next level.

Blog Post
End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration: It’s More Than a Technology Platform
Advancing your supply chain to improve performance and working capital requires collaboration.

Blog Post
The Next Big Thing in Supply Chain
We reached out to some key C-level and senior-level players across different industries for views on their supply chains and the complexity that they experience.


Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream
Building on the concepts of waste, flow, and pull, this pioneering workbook illustrates how to analyze the traditional supply chain as a flowing stream of products and information. Building a lean fulfillment stream provides the steps to a comprehensive, real-life implementation process for optimizing your end-to-end supply chain from raw materials to customers — by leveraging the concepts of total cost and collaboration.

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Discovering Hidden Profit: Extended Value Stream Decision Making
Discovering Hidden Profit is a must-read for CEOs and executives who are dealing with continuous industry disruption and increased complexity. The book details a thoughtful and actionable methodology to extract hidden profit by removing organizational masks and connecting people and business processes in order to maximize customer value at the lowest possible total cost.

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