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Improve your network performance and reduce total logistics cost – from carrier management to network design.



Lean Inbound Logistics: The Key to an Advanced Supply Chain

In this comprehensive white paper, LeanCor CEO Robert Martichenko shares 10 proven insights from his early days supporting Toyota that have paved the way for today’s advanced supply chains.
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“Shippers need to focus on long-term relationships with core carriers.”

 From the white paper: Lean Transportation: Trying to Change an Old Game

Articles and White Papers

White Paper
The Logistics RFP Guide: How to Find the Right 3PL Partner
LeanCor Logistics has created a simple and effective RFP template for companies to use as the first step in procuring a 3PL. This e-book contains proven, strategic questions can you help find the right, best-in-class partner.

The Feeling is Mutual
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) and LeanCor Supply Chain Group simultaneously act as buyer and supplier to each other – to the benefit of both.

White Paper
White Paper: The Transportation Leader’s Guide to Sanity in a Seasonal Freight Market (And the Rest of the Year)
With driver shortages & changing customer expectations, seasonal & tight freight markets can be a nightmare for transportation professionals. Here’s a guide to stability & sanity.


The Three P’s of Carrier Management
Carriers are the link that can make or break service to your customers. In this 1-hour webinar, learn how efficiently and effectively managing your carrier base can support a successful lean logistics strategy.

The Plan for Every Part: How to Create Standardization in Material Flow Ordering
In this webinar from LeanCor Consulting, learn the critical components of PFEP that will ensure delivery of the Right part, at the Right time, in the Right quantity.

How to Build Lean Logistics Route Plans for Network Stability
In the second webinar of the Lean Logistics Series, learn how you can leverage lean principles to stabilize your logistics network.


Carrier Capacity Crunch
Developing worthwhile carrier partnerships to counteract tightened capacity and increased pricing while improving service levels.

LeanCor’s Transportation Management Overview
For more information or to contact us, go to www.leancor.com/tm or email training-team@leancor.com.

Blog Posts

Blog Post
Tips for Completing a Lean Truckload Transportation Bid
Using these strategies along with others catered to your own specific needs will help create the foundation for a sustainable truckload bid process.

Blog Post
Lean Logistics: How To Set Up A Loading Dock Schedule
What separates successful dock schedules from those that fail is the discipline in problem solving and exception management.

Blog Post
Kaizen Your Logistics: 5 Why Lean Problem Solving
Continuous improvement (kaizen) is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.


Lean Six Sigma Logistics
The first book to apply lean and six sigma to logistics, Lean Six Sigma Logistics embodies the elimination of wastes through disciplined efforts to understand and reduce variation, while increasing speed and flow in the supply chain. Lean Six Sigma Logistics focuses on logistics flow, capability, and discipline as the guiding principles for solving any logistics challenge. Whether your supply chain is on the brink of disaster, or good but striving to be the best, this book provides the essence for developing and implementing a successful logistics strategy.

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6 Simple Metrics for Tracking and Improving Carrier Performance
Six strategic carrier metrics can tell most shippers a comprehensive story about a carrier’s performance.