Lean Leadership and Continuous Improvement

From the board room to the facility floor, today’s business leadership requires empowering and engaging all team members to solve problems and drive value.



Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Understand where your organization fits on the maturity model and how you can develop people and processes to climb the growth curve.
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“When a lean leader successfully implements four work streams they will begin to witness the power of lean thinking inside an organization.”

 From the white paper: The Lean Leadership Maturity Model

Articles and White Papers

LeanCor’s Lean Glossary
With seven pages of definitions touching on problem solving, culture, manufacturing, supply chain, and more, LeanCor’s Lean Glossary is a comprehensive and practical resource for lean thinkers, teachers, and practitioners.

White Paper
The Lean Supply Chain Leader: Leading the Charge
Making the change from traditional to lean leadership. Includes a complimentary leader standard work template.

White Paper
The Lean Leadership Maturity Model
Implementing a business system that leverages people, eliminates waste, and maximizes customer value.


Creating the Connected Enterprise
Start seeing your business in a new light as CSCMP President Rick Blasgen and LeanCor CEO Robert Martichenko discuss how today’s companies are advancing supply chain performance to create the connected enterprise and discover hidden profit.

Leading with PDCA
In lean, one of the fundamental differences in culture begins with leadership. Here’s how to leverage the PDCA cycle in your management system.

From Paperback Book to Global Deployment: Insights from A Global Company’s Lean Journey
Learn how a leading transportation company leveraged the PEOPLE book and blended learning to break down silos and begin a global lean transformation.


Leader Toolkit: Lean Leaders Create Self-Explaining Workplaces
In this segment from LeanCor’s online Lean Leadership certificate course, Director Ana Bailey discusses the importance of visual management with a team member.

Leadership and Problem Solving: Creating A3 Documents
This segment from LeanCor’s online Lean Leadership certificate course illustrates the basics of creating A3 documents to solve problems and create process discipline.

Leader Communication Skills: When to Use Inquiry vs. Advocacy
This segment from LeanCor’s online Lean Leadership certificate course shows how finctional character Lynn Leader effectively uses advocacy to promote lean.

Blog Posts

Blog Post
The Lean Leadership Training Series: A Complete Guide to Principles
Whether they’re consuming a product or service, customers experience the aggregate of all the processes with which a company operates.

Blog Post
The Lean Leadership Training Series: A Practical Guide to Principles
Respect for team members means recognizing that those who are directly connected with the work are the experts, but how does a leader keep team members engaged?

Blog Post
How Great Leaders Handle Conflict and Accountability (Lean Leadership Series)
Effective leaders enable teamwork through coaching, clear assignments and goals, and reliable support for removing roadblocks or conflicts.


Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade
Building on the precedence created by other great lean primer books, Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade brings lean back to its original simplicity by showing how lean is alive in a first grade classroom. Written to educate the entire organization on the fundamentals of lean thinking, this is the perfect source to engage all team members at all levels of an organization.

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People: A Leader’s Day-to-Day Guide to Building, Managing and Sustaining Lean Organizations
While many books teach about lean tools, few address the day-to-day leadership requirements of successfully transforming organizations into the lean enterprise. In 15 easy-to-read-and-reference chapters, PEOPLE outlines the high-level concepts, activities, principles, and practices that a lean leader must know intimately and apply daily.

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*Volume discounts available. E-book format available.