We’ve partnered with a wide array of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, service providers, and more.


Steering the high-performance supply chain. With steady growth in U.S. production, the automotive supply chain is complex. Improved planning, analytics, visibility, and continuous improvement are critical for manufacturers and OEMs. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are continuously working on improving their reaction times to meet customer demands. This requires an agile and streamlined supply chain based on velocity and reduced inventory levels. LeanCor partners with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to focus on these strategies – while driving competitive results in cost, quality, safety, speed, and delivery.

Consumer Products

Adapting to the changing landscape. Today’s consumer products market is facing impending trade protectionism, omni-channel sales models, the “Amazon effect,” and more. Amidst these challenges, we’re helping consumer product manufacturers and distributors quickly adapt to changing consumer demands and balance low margins with cost — while creating scalable, stable supply chains for the long term.

Food and Beverage

Critical supply chain management for a critical commodity. With their time- and temperature-sensitive attributes, food shipments have demanding needs. And from the rise of labor costs to on-demand delivery services, the food and beverage supply chain is transforming from source to consumer. LeanCor’s helping food and beverage companies optimize their end-to-end supply chains with the right recipe for success.


Furniture companies are now faced with complex and disruptive supply chain problems: seasonality and demand fluctuations, fierce competition, SKU proliferation, crowded ports, and multi-channel trend impacts to distribution. Through better inventory planning, material and supplier management, network design, and managed transportation, LeanCor furniture clients are meeting these challenges head-on and delivering maximum customer value at the lowest total cost.

Private Equity

Improving portfolio performance. We’re helping private equity firms make strategic investment decisions, improve portfolio company performance and increase realized value. Our proven methodology and streamlined approach allow us to perform effective and enlightening supply chain due diligence assessments, gaining a true understanding of the potential EBITDA improvements of a targeted acquisition.

Recreational Vehicles

“Behind every recreational vehicle, there stands a chain of suppliers providing the parts and accessories that go into each unit.” RV Shipments surged in 2017 to the highest level ever, and there’s continued growth for 2018 (RVIA). The recreational vehicle industry reached a 40-year high in 2017. Fast growth requires fast supply chains. Through solutions like network optimization and managed transportation, LeanCor helps recreational vehicle companies improve critical inputs like supplier performance and material flow in order to meet this growing customer demand.


Integrating in the new omni-channel world. Retailers everywhere are facing a fundamental shift in consumer expectations for speed and convenience. The rapid emergence of Amazon has set a new industry standard for pricing, assortment, and service. Amidst these challenges, we help retailers build seamless supply chains capable of being agile and integrated in this new world of complexity.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healing the pain in the supply chain. Amidst rising costs from healthcare reform and growing regulatory bodies, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are challenged with the complexities of bringing innovative, cost-effective, and quality products to market quickly. We’re helping these organizations advance supply chain performance and reduce cost for growth and competitive advantage.

Industrial Products

Industry 4.0. Industrial products companies have an opportunity to profit from innovation strategies in the new world of advanced, digitized manufacturing. These efforts require fast, connected, and stable supply chains. We’re helping industrial manufacturers and distributors create more visibility and integration within their supply chains with improved material flow, inventory and capacity, supplier/carrier performance, quality, and service.


Skilled in the trade, but not in the supply chain? Your supply chain can significantly impact your contingency and timeline. LeanCor helps construction companies manage the end-to-end supply chain in order to standardize efforts across jobs, create a job site rhythm, improve quality at its source, flow material to match the work, and eliminate waste in the process to meet the voice of customer.