International Logistics Solutions


While companies may see global sourcing as a means to reduce material or component costs, they must be mindful of what the customer is actually willing to pay for through total landed cost. Other challenges in international logistics can include supply chain velocity, variability, visibility, and complexities in documentation and diverse requirements.

LeanCor’s thought leadership and custom approach to international logistics helps companies overcome these challenges, strategically finding savings opportunities that are often overlooked.

International Transportation Problems? We Have Solutions.

Some of these challenges might sound familiar:


Our Control Tower Approach
Through LeanCor’s Control Tower Approach, You Receive:

  • Logistics Cost Control through dynamic shipment routing, premium freight management, and market competitive rates.
  • Accountability managing effective network design, including carrier and supplier compliance with root cause and corrective actions.
  • Visibility via web based solution to your global shipments, including dashboard reporting.
  • Flexibility with our forwarder neutral model. We match the best service provider for your needs to match capacity with capability.
  • Cost Savings with the implementation of lean tools to your fulfillment stream to reduce waste.


Supplier Management
The average US firm spends over 50% of its revenues on purchased inputs, sources over 50% of products from Asia, manages 20,000 SKUs and over 150 active suppliers. Consequently, this can lead to: fluctuations in quality, delivery time non compliance, language and culture barriers, and barriers with time and distance.

With LeanCor, you can achieve On Time In Full (OTIF).

LeanCor is a trusted supply chain partner with proven experience in supplier development. We align your company’s needs wth supplier performance to ensure you receive the:

Right Product
Right Time
Right Quantity
Right Quality
Right Packaging

Through rigorous project management and operational experience, LeanCor can provide solutions that result in improved supplier performance, material availability, and lead time reduction. We’re skilled problem solvers who can work on-site with your suppliers and develop solutions. You receive greater visibility to your supply chain and enable a stable flow of material based on actual customer demand.


Solutions at a Glance
International Transportation Management:

  • Tactical Shipment Management with Single Point of Escalation
  • Shipment Routing and Optimization
  • Premium Freight Authorization with Root Cause, Corrective Actions
  • Freight Audit and Pay
  • Single Database for Business Reporting
  • Incoterm Justification
International Supplier Management:

  • Hands-On Supplier Rapid Improvement
  • Supplier On Time In Full (OTIF) Improvement
  • Supplier Quality Improvement
  • Plan For Every Part (PFEP)
  • Supplier Packaging Improvement
  • Supplier Overseas Freight Consolidation
  • Supplier Total Landed Cost (TLC) Analysis
  • Supplier Training and Education
  • Purchase Order Accuracy and ASN Visibility