LeanCor Leads Value Stream Mapping Event with City of Cincinnati Innovation Lab to Improve Permit Process


The City of Cincinnati is developing an Innovation Lab with the purpose of providing the time and space to apply lean principles and practices to municipal processes with the goals of improving customer service, reducing process time (three to five weeks), and decreasing costs. The city identified the permits and plan review process to be the pilot improvement focus area.

The LeanCor Consulting team recently supported in facilitating the pilot project and provided recommendations for an optimal future state.  During the workshop, Lean Deployment Executive Derek Browning and team ensured participants had a basic understanding of lean and value stream mapping prior to beginning the value stream mapping process. The value stream mapping approach itself included elements such as lean fundamentals, the eight wastes, customer value proposition, kaizen bursts, lean leadership education, gap analysis, improvement prioritization, and FMEA. As a result of this workshop, an optimal, customer-focused, future state road map and recommendations were developed ensuring that City of Cincinnati businesses will be satisfied and serviced more quickly going forward.

“This was the first definable problem Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black put in front of the city’s new Innovation Lab, a place designed to solve problems by collaboration. It’s just the first of four or five problems Black hopes the lab will tackle this year alone” (Cincinnati.com).

To read more about the project and the Innovation Lab, visit: Cincinnati.com.

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