Lean Leader Standard Work – Lessons Learned At Work And Home

Lean Leader Standard Work – Lessons Learned At Work And Home

Three years ago as I signed the stack of closing papers for our first home, little did I realize the amount of preventative maintenance and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects that come with home ownership! I’ve learned to apply a couple saving lean tools over the past couple years.

House Labels

1. 5S and Visual Management: Labeling key gas lines and switches within the house for understanding their functions and emergency shut-off instructions. If I’m not home and for some reason and an emergency arises, do those at home know which gas line to shut off? How do they know it is off?

2. WIP/Red Tag: Setting up a table for to-do tasks in the garage where I enter and leave the house everyday!

Earlier this spring I expanded upon and created a format similar to leader standard work for maintenance needs. I asked myself the question, “What are the items I need to check weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually?” Prior to having this list, I found myself constantly batching the level of involvement that certain items needed and executing without a plan or purpose.

Here are the key principles I’ve learned to keep in mind when applying leader standard work – at work or at home:

Focus on the Process

Work place: What are the important processes that we do every day? What are we trying to achieve? Is the team properly trained and do they have the correct tools?

Home: How does the manual say I should maintain the item? What are the steps? What tools and/or parts do I need? Am I qualified to perform the task?

Plan Redundancy Strategically

Work place: With whom do I need to regularly check to know we are achieving the goal? Are the directors, managers, and team leads placed strategically to achieve the goals?

Home: Do I need to involve an expert? How often do I need to maintain the item? Tip: Level load the activity. I.e. Don’t schedule all maintenance reviews in one month.

Be Fueled By Visual Management

Work place: What is the score of the overall goal? Are we achieving the goal?

Home: How do I know when something is potentially wrong? What tasks that require attention have yet to be completed?

Leader Standard Work

As you can see, lean concepts can be applied both personally and professionally. Give leader standard work a try. Be a “lean thinker and doer!

Written by Vimal Patel, Lean Deployment Executive at LeanCor

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