How To Train Effectively: The Lean Learning Formula

How To Train Effectively: The Lean Learning Formula

Coaches and trainers have one primary goal: to help us get better at doing something. The best coaches intuitively use a simple, but powerful teaching method or learning formula. The leaning formula goes something like this:

(1) Make a commitment to learn

(2) Assess performance gaps

(3) Gain new knowledge

(4) Build competency through practice

(5) Integrate the newly acquired skill into daily practice

Lean Learning Formula

Most of us have great intentions to apply newfound knowledge. Where we trip up is in conscious application practice and integration. This is where the learning process falls apart.

For example, you might decide that you would like to be a better listener. You reflect on your listening performance in the past and see tangible gaps. You acquire new knowledge by reading about effective listening techniques. Then you promptly forget to apply it. We can grasp something intellectually, but we often lose awareness in the moment – when it counts.

Why? We failed to practice effectively, so we revert back to our old habits in a comfortable behavioral zone. The key to integration is to frequently and consciously practice in small increments. Here’s an approach:

Three Steps to Effective Practice

1) Think of a specific situation where, with whom, and when you can apply your new skill

2) Go for a “ conscious one minute application.” Be disciplined.

3) Every day, reflect on what you have achieved by applying your new skill. What was the impact?

I would enjoy hearing about your experiences. What techniques have been successful for you when integrating new skill sets?

Written by Dave Hill, Lean Deployment Executive at LeanCor

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