To advance the world’s supply chains.

The word “advance” is critical to our Mission statement. This speaks to the fact that our customers can be at any stage of supply chain maturity when they begin their work with LeanCor. Whether a customer is beginning their journey in supply chain excellence or whether they are mature in their work, we will help them advance to the next level in their supply chain maturity and performance.



To be the recognized leader in end to end supply chain solutions.

We continuously develop progressive supply chain strategies for the changing world. We build credibility as the recognized leader by developing, publishing and speaking on new innovative supply chain strategies. Most importantly, we are the recognized leader by successfully supporting our customers to implement innovative strategies and to realize real measured business results.

Brand Promise:

We promise to prepare your people, improve your processes, and transform your supply chain. We promise to:

  • Be strategically aligned with you to advance your supply chains
  • Know, meet and exceed your expectations
  • Continuously improve and formally articulate our improvements
  • Achieve real, measured and sustained business results

Leading Customers to Their True North

Unfortunately, there is no perfect cut-and-paste formula for turning a customer’s current supply chain into the lean fulfillment stream that we strive to build.  However, we work with our customers to constantly strengthen our relationship and learn what’s important for them, guiding each of their steps in the right direction.  Through the years, we have learned that each and every customer is at a different place on the maturity scale when it comes to their supply chains.  Some customers are lacking visibility.  Others have untapped efficiencies in their network.   Other customers have several well-oiled segments of their supply chain, but they are disconnected.  The point is that our model is directional, not formulaic, and our ability to learn from and with our customers allows the great problem-solving culture that we have to add value to our customers.