LeanCor: We Teach. We Consult. We Do.

LeanCor is a strategic supply chain partner that provides managed transportation, supply chain consulting, and corporate training programs. These three, integrated solutions help businesses better serve their customers by eliminating waste, decreasing costs, and building cultures of continuous improvement.

As of September 2020, LeanCor has been acquired by Transplace, the premier provider of logistics technology and services. This will strengthen the logistics performance of all shippers in our community with advanced technology, domain expertise and scale.

Your One-Stop Supply Chain Shop

Whether it’s developing people, improving processes, or managing transportation, LeanCor has you covered at every aspect of the supply chain and beyond.


LeanCor was founded in 2005 by Robert Martichenko to meet the logistics needs of lean manufacturers. Lean had long been utilized to improve manufacturing processes, but Robert realized it was time to extend these programs and start connecting lean and operational excellence principles to partners within the supply chain. He also realized that in order to execute sustainable logistics operations for customers, LeanCor had to help these organizations fix processes and develop people within cultures of continuous improvement. Since then, these guiding principles and integrated solutions have helped manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, and other organizations achieve operational excellence and deliver more value to their customers.


  • Florence, KY (Headquarters)
  • On-Site Presence at National Customer Locations
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